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Addiction support, advice, therapy

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People recovering from all types of addictive behaviours, including alcohol and substance misuse.

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0330 053 6022


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Discover The Power of Choice

Helping individuals recover from any addictive behaviour and lead meaningful & satisfying lives; using a science-based therapeutic programme of training, so as to empower people with practical skills, tools and support so that they may manage their addictive behaviour and lead satisfying and meaningful lives.

Through our Partnership Scheme, we work with most medium to large treatment providers across the UK as well as prisons, probation, rehab facilities, NHS and supported housing services.

SMART Recovery Champions have helped to grow peer led SMART Recovery meetings, which in turn have helped their service users sustain the recovery gains they achieve within the treatment services.

Find the nearest SMART Recovery group by going to our website

If you would rather contact us via email, please click he link below:

Updated: 02/11/2021