Games, hobbies, social group for people with special needs

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Bank Top Tavern, 1 King Street, Oldham, OL8 1ES

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07977 075 998


From 18 to 70 years old


AMBITIONS is an independent and self-funding not-for-profit community group primarily staffed by volunteers that provides both social activities (Discos, social club, sports activities etc.) and improving skills activities (reading, IT, money recognition etc.) to young adults with learning and physical disabilities.

It was originally started by Jonathan Griffiths-Barnes and a few volunteers who organised THEMED DISCOs once every fortnight at a town centre pub because young people with physical and learning difficulties wanted to socialise and do activities in ordinary places, just as most members of the community would be doing. Members come with carers, family and friends integrating both able bodied and those with disabilities.

Wednesday Out and About (Every Two Months)

Trips are turning into a great success, AMBITIONS will organise one trip every two months.

Prices for each trip will vary due to entrance & coach fee. (Ambitions subsidises every trip).

Letters handed separately. 

AMBITIONS was formed in February 2012, it is a young group and we listen to our members and try and provide what they want in places they want to go.

Note: Ambitions run a number of activities please check their website and Facebook page

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Jonathan Griffiths-Barnes

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