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Boarshurst Bandclub, Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield, OL3 7EW


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At Funky Fitness and Fun we promote health, fitness and well-being for adults with additional needs. We encourage our members to set no limitations as to what they can achieve. We give guidance and support when necessary so that each member can work towards their true potential. We continually help and learn from one another and there are many magical moments in all of our sessions. Together we can achieve many great things.

We have fabulous staff who work as a team with members to learn skills in independence and social interaction. All sessions provide access for all needs and abilities and members orchestrate session content. We have nutritional advisors and staff to facilitate sessions on benefits and effects of food on the body. We plan healthy meals incorporating budgeting skills. Members follow BTEC level 1 skills planning and cooking meals tailored to members’ dietary requirements. We have worked with the fire service, police and health services to enhance awareness of their roles in the community.

We encourage members to run their own workshops. We teach reasons for fitness and effects on the body. We have a user led fitness team that choreographs routines and teaches fitness and muscle awareness to local community groups alongside an instructor. We have also fund raised and had visits from dogs for disabilities and the donkey sanctuary, children in need and comic relief. We have run interactive music and fitness sessions in residential homes and appeared at exhibitions doing short displays and giving information. We also now offer a transport service. We know through confidence building and having space to explore new opportunities our members truly shine.

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9.30am - 3.30pm every Tuesday and Friday