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We are a small charity based in Manchester who offers free and confidential support to families or individuals who are affected by the imprisonment of a family member. The support each family needs varies.
The sort of help we can offer includes:
•         Information and Advice.
•         Face to Face and/or Phone Support.
•         Referral and support to access other organisations e.g Welfare Advice.
•         Opportunities to meet other families going through a similar experience.
•         Act as an intermediary with the prison service and accompany to prison visits

Our Aims are:
•         To support families of prisoners in Greater Manchester from arrest to release
•         To reduce the isolation experienced by families of prisoners
•         To maintain family ties
•         To increase family knowledge of prisons and other services
•         To increase awareness in the wider community of the issues affecting families

For clients or referrers accessing our services, no need to fill in a referral form, just contact us for a chat or to make contact with one of the team.
Our only referral criteria is that the clients must have a family or friend in prison or who are due for release and the client lives in Greater Manchester.
We are aware that a family member’s imprisonment can be a lonely, hard, stressful and uncertain time and we are here to support.

Updated: 24/01/2020