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From 5 to 25 years old


As the UK's leading independent provider of specialist education and care, Priory Education Services has established its reputation for delivering effective education and care services and positive outcomes for children and young people aged 5 to 25 with: Autism, including Asperger's syndrome and those with moderate and severe learning difficulties Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties

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Varies dependent upon the individual


Each site has its own individual admission criteria and works with each young person to develop a tailored curriculum and development plan which is in line with their needs and personal development objectives.

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The knowledge and expertise of our teams across all of our services ensures that we deliver positive educational and social outcomes for young people with special educational needs. Our highly specialised, flexible and innovative services ensure a smooth and planned transition from primary to secondary education, reintegration into mainstream education, to work and college placements, through to employment and independent living.

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0845 277 4679

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