Shure 5 Studios, Unit 20, Moss Lane, Oldham, OL2 6HR


11 - 16 years

Opening times

The next course is running during the summer holidays and will take place at Shure 5 Studios from Monday 7th August to Friday 11th August, 10am-3pm every day, concluding with an evening performance on Friday, starting at 7pm. Taster session on 10th June 2017


Do you want to be in a band?

Do you play an instrument? Are you 11-16?

"The Band Experience" is coming to Oldham this August and will be putting together bands of like-minded musicians. It's the ultimate way to kickstart your life as a gigging musician! With a week of intensive coaching and workshops from highly qualified and experienced tutors, concluding with an evening gig in an awesome venue, you and your band will be ready to do it on your own! The course is open to singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and "horn" players (such as trumpet, cornet, saxophone and trombone)

Interested? Visit to find out more or email

If you child has any disabilities or special requirements that we would need to make adjustments to accommodate just let us know.


Updated: 29/06/2019
  • 11 - 16 years old