Summer club
Welcome Centre, Eastern Pavilion, Featherstall Road South, Oldham OL9 6HL

Contact phone

07817 220 012


We have led and managed a Summer activities and learning club for many years now on behalf of St Thomas’ primary, and St Patrick’s RC primary, Werneth.

We believe character building and wellbeing is a big part of what we include in our summer programmes.

Activities are varied to meet all ages from 4 to 11 and all needs.

We give our children in the club the opportunity to make healthy, nutritional choices as they make a menu for the lunches and have fun with food.

We employ Teaching Assistants from both schools, local volunteers and local providers to help us give our children a wonderful time during the club – this helps our children stay in touch with staff from school and other local services.

Parents and carers can get heavily involved in the activities, so they can support their children and increase their knowledge in developing their understanding of nutrition and budgeting, plus the importance of outdoor play and other activities. Activity bags and games made at club will be taken home to be used by children.

We then invite parents of our children to attend classes for help and support, wellbeing, employment and further education.

Updated: 18/06/2021