Your Oldham

We are five years into our co-operative journey – our long term ambition is to deliver a co-operative future where everybody does their bit and everybody benefits.

A lot of excellent work has gone into achieving our ambition so far and in to ensuring our residents, businesses, Local Leaders, public services and employees are aware of, and engaged with our ambition.
We now feel it is the right time to:

  • celebrate what has been achieved so far as a co-operative council and borough
  • recognise and appreciate the hard work of residents, members and employees who ‘do their bit’
  • consider what comes next in our co-operative journey – having a clear vision and strategy for a
    co-operative borough
  • develop ideas for what comes next in our co-operative journey 

What does Oldham mean to you?


Your Oldham campaign

As a co-operative council, one of our values is responsibility. The co-operative ambition is built around ‘everybody doing their bit’. The Your Oldham campaign aims to:

  • Inform residents about and promote the good initiatives taking place in Oldham, showing how people and organisations are doing ‘their bit’
  • Engage residents in a different conversation which puts them and their skills, passions and abilities at the centre of the discussion
  • Inspire residents to do ‘their bit’ and get involved

Want to get involved and become a Celebration Maker?

Our Celebration Makers are essential to making the campaign a success, in the same way that the Games Makers were critical to the success of London 2012.

We are looking to recruit a number of Celebration Makers from across the borough and there are a number of ways you can get involved:-

Inform – do your bit and…

  • Tell your colleagues, friends and family about the Your Oldham campaign
  • Promote the events and the opportunities to get involved
  • Get up to speed with the great things that are going on in Oldham and take the opportunity to promote them when you can

Engage – do your bit and…

  • Get involved with the co-operative conversations taking place across the borough
  • Join the conversation via Twitter or our website – and encourage others to do their bit
  • Support the Your Oldham festival which will take place in May next year – priority tickets available

Inspire – do your bit and…

  • Promote ways that individuals and communities can get involved and ‘do their bit’ for the borough
  • Share your passions or skills with the public at special inspire days e.g. baking, beekeeping, local history or even community brewing – anything goes
  • Tell others what Oldham means to you and help others to consider their response
  • Share how you do your bit for Oldham and inspire others to do their bit too

What we can offer to you…

  • Access to priority tickets for the events which will make up the main festival in May
  • Gain experience and learning in community market research skills
  • Engage with a wide range of residents and others at key events happening across the borough over the next few months

Your Oldham Festival, 2 to 9 September 2017

The Your Oldham Festival aims to celebrate and showcase the fantastic co-operative activities happening across Oldham. We have a number of family friendly events taking place across the borough for you to discover over the week-long celebration.

From the Castleshaw Centre Outdoor Adventure Day, to our EPIC Talks series and Your Future day, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and it’s all free:

Sign up to become a Your Oldham Celebration Maker

There are a number of different ways you can get involved:

  • Help out with the co-operative conversation events
  • Engage with residents and community groups
  • Encourage friends and neighbours to get involved and attend the events
Be part of the co-op future legacy – get involved and become a Celebration Maker