Stars in our eyes banner 2019


Oldham Council is holding its annual Stars in Our Eyes event, a celebration evening for children in care and care leavers in the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Friday 11 October 2019.

The evening is aimed at celebrating their achievements across Oldham over the past year. 

So please get your thinking caps on as it’s time to nominate.

A child looked after is anyone aged between 0 and 18 who is currently, or who has previously spent some time in local authority care, mainly either foster care, residential or within a secure unit. A care leaver is a young person, under the age of 25, who has spent time in local authority car as a child looked after.

We have eight Stars awards up for grabs, all with their own category:

  • Sports and Leisure Star
  • Arts and Culture Star
  • Education Star
  • Environment Star
  • Community Star
  • Health Star
  • Turnaround Star
  • Make a Difference Star

This year, we will be awarding prizes for each of the categories to children and young people under the following three age groups –

  • Primary school age – 5 to 10
  • Secondary school age – 11 to 16
  • Care Leavers – 16+

The information you provide for your nomination will be used to populate their personalised certificate so please think carefully and considerately about why you are nominating this particular child or young person.

Your nomination will ensure each shortlisted child/young person is invited to attend the event.

Nominations close on Friday, 12 July 2019.

Please note that nominations received after this date will not be considered and may result on children not being shortlisted to attend the evening.

Privacy notice

As outlined in the Children and Social work act 2017, as their Corporate Parents, Oldham Council has a duty to positively promote and celebrate the achievements of their Children Looked After (CLA) and Care Leavers (CL), every year.  The term 'Corporate Parent' means the collective responsibility of the council, elected members, employees, and partner agencies, for providing the best possible care and safeguarding for the children who are looked after by the council.

Please make sure you inform the children and young people that you are planning to nominate them for the Stars in Our Eyes Event as their name will be shared with the shortlisting panel.  If they do not want to be nominated wish to take part in the event or to be included in this process or the event please make a note of this.

The council primarily use your data for handling your query. All information is processed in accordance with our organisational data protection policy ( We never sell your data to third parties or use it for marketing purposes without your consent.

 Our core data protection obligations and commitments are set out in our privacy notice at .  Please share this with the children and young people you are going to nominate to make them aware of how we will use their data in this process. 

More information on how to seek advice in order to exercise their rights, raise a concern or complain about the handling of personal information by the council can be found at