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Use this form to report an abandoned vehicle

Please note, regardless of what type of land the vehicle in question is found on, if a vehicle:

  • has a registered keeper,
  • is taxed,
  • is MoT'd
  • is parked legally i.e. not causing obstruction to the public highway,
  • is roadworthy (driveable)

then neither the police nor Oldham Council would deem this to be abandoned and no action will be taken.

Before you report an abandoned vehicle please check to see if it is taxed on the website.

Check if a vehicle is taxed

If taxed / MoT'd then the vehicle is not abandoned

If you think the vehicle is:

  • stolen
  • in a dangerous condition
  • of police interest
  • causing an obstruction to the public highway

please call the police’s non-emergency number on 101 and report to Greater Manchester Police, please do not refer to the vehicle as being abandoned.

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