Coronavirus: National lockdown

Stay home. Only go out for food, medical reasons, exercise, education or work. Avoid travel unless essential. You must work from home if you can. Schools and essential shops will remain open.

Coronavirus: Information and advice
The Nature Greater Manchester website was launched at the GM Mayor’s Green Summit. It aims to:

• Get People of GM Involved - Providing information and access to nature improvement activities and opportunities (do your bit) so that people can become part of the work being carried out, as well as helping people to see, experience, and enjoy.
• Allowing Users to Discover GM - Inspiration for visitors on planned activities in the natural environment encouraging people to get out into the open and experience what Greater Manchester has to offer.
• Showcasing Work - Showing the great work that has been carried out and the size and scale of the projects is a great way to not only engage but also attracts new users, both in the public, and commercial domains