Avoid a local lockdown

Do not make visits to other people's homes or gardens. Restrictions on care home visiting are not being relaxed. Those who are shielding should continue to take extra care.

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The costs of running a vehicle are at an all-time high, so why not consider reducing the financial burden by car sharing? Available through businesses in Greater Manchester, Transport for Greater Manchester’s car sharing tool is free to use and is a simple, safe, savvy way to get to work.

Users simply register online, entering details about their commute and journey preferences, and opportunities for car sharing are automatically identified and displayed. Individuals can then choose a suitable opportunity, make contact with the person offering the link, and organise sharing arrangements directly.

Car sharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road, benefitting the environment and making journeys quicker and easier, and it could also save up to £1000 per year on transport costs.