Oldham's Street Angels
The Oldham Street Angels were formed in 2012 and work from a base on Yorkshire Street provided free of charge by a local businessman. At first it was just members of Oldham Parish Church that patrolled Oldham’s streets on a Saturday night, offering any support they could to people out enjoying a goodtime. But this group has now grown to 19 volunteers, all from different walks of life, giving up their free time to help others.
Oldham’s Street Angels objective is to watch over town centre partygoers during the weekend and give a helping hand.

Oldham’s Street Angels kindly watch over Oldham’s party goers during the weekends from 11pm till 3am. The scheme is run by Oldham’s town-centre chaplaincy and is backed by Oldham Council and Greater Manchester Police.

The aim of the project is to keep people safe and demonstrate genuine pastoral care. Volunteers are not only from the church, there are people of all faiths involved.
The Street Angels provide brews for those who need to sober-up, support anyone awaiting transport, collect empty bottles to avoid injury and simply spend time talking to people.
Jean Hurlston