Coronavirus update and advice

Stay at home as much as possible, work from home if you can, limit contact with other people, keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible), wash your hands regularly.

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Test and Trace

The NHS Test and Trace system has launched. This works by identifying contacts of people who have tested positive and by encouraging them to self-isolate at home and closely monitor their health, rather than continuing to mix with others and passing the virus on.

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Disruption to services

Coronavirus is disrupting many of our services. We are having to make changes to protect everyone, in line with government advice, and to ensure that we are able to continue to provide essential services. 

Access Oldham CLOSED More details
Bin collections DISRUPTED More details
Births, Marriages and Deaths DISRUPTED More details
Libraries CLOSED Advice and support
Public events  CLOSED  
Housing DISRUPTED More details
Pest Control  DISRUPTED More details
Music Centre CLOSED  
Playgrounds and skate parks CLOSED More details
Licensing DISRUPTED More details
Markets CLOSED More details
Planning DISRUPTED More details
Building Control inspections DISRUPTED More details
Town Centre Car Parks UPDATED More details
Information requests DISRUPTED More details
Recycling centres DISRUPTED More details
Complaints DISRUPTED More details
School admissions DISRUPTED More details