Coronavirus: Local restrictions

Coronavirus rates in Oldham remain high. Additional restrictions are now in force. Do not socialise with anyone who does not live in your house, avoid using public transport, wear a face covering.

Coronavirus: Information and advice

There are a number of rumours and myths circulating around Coronavirus currently, both on social media platforms and within communities themselves.

Below are a number of myths which need to be addressed


Myth: I’m gonna live my life the way I want to because I trust who I'm in contact with - so I'm safe!

Truth: You may trust your friends with your life but, in truth, your friends can’t account for every person they have been in contact with, so why take the risk?


Myth: Why should I be bothered about Coronavirus? No one dies from it anymore.... 

Truth: While the UK’s daily death rate is low, this doesn’t mean that families aren’t still sadly losing their loved ones


Myth: You only get Coronavirus if you are old...

Truth: We are seeing cases of Coronavirus in all age groups across Oldham, with a recent rise specifically among those aged between 20 and 40


Myth: I don't need a test cause I'm not showing any symptoms so why should I be worried?

Truth: Coronavirus has been proven, in some cases, to be asymptomatic meaning you don’t have to show symptoms to have the virus


Myth: I don't live in an area where there has been a high number of cases, so I'm safe from Coronavirus

Truth: Coronavirus is spreading in all areas of Oldham so it doesn’t matter where you live because you are all still at risk

Please follow the government guidance and help us to restrict the spread of Coronavirus