Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall cinema

New ODEON cinema will deliver an economic boost

The conversion of the Old Town Hall into an ODEON cinema is set to deliver a major economic boost for the town centre in the shape of new jobs, spending and visitors.

In January 2015, a report outlined how transforming the venue into an 800-seat seven-screen venue will see the creation of 74 full time and 159 part time jobs, plus the generation of an extra £5.5 million for the local economy each year.

It is estimated transforming the Grade-II listed building  into a family entertainment venue will also bring in an extra 214,000 visits to the town centre annually.

This landmark development is set to open in 2016, restoring the building as a civic ‘jewel’ in a scheme that will re-use and extend it to include plus six restaurants and a branded café franchise.

The finished designs will capitalise on the Old Town Hall’s town centre location – sympathetically conserving as much of the existing building as possible whilst also adding a modern glazed ‘light box’ extension.

There will also be the first new high-quality public space in decades – Parliament Square - in decades next to the venue in Clegg Street, which will become the frontage to the new restaurants with external seating areas and play host to arts and cultural events.

Jim McMahon, (then) Oldham Council Leader, said: “When Oldham was at its industrial peak the Old Town Hall was a statement of civic pride but in recent years it became a symbol of decline and a very serious financial liability.”

“We know this building is hugely important to local people and also to the future prospects of Oldham town centre’s economy.

“We strongly believe Oldham town centre can be the best in north east Manchester but you can’t achieve that if your key town centre building – our Old Town Hall with all its prominence and history – stays vacant and dilapidated.”

The Old Town Hall was built in 1841 but ceased to be operational as a public building in the 1990s.

The Old Town Hall at Parliament Square

In the heart of Oldham’s retail core, the Old Town Hall is being developed into a modern multiplex ODEON cinema.

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Inside the Old Town Hall - Google view

Time lapse images of the Old Town Hall development