Foxdenton Business Park

Oldham Council is working with Foxdenton LLP to bring forward the development of 121 acres of land allocated as a new business and employment area.

The plans for Foxdenton involve:

  • A premium business park with opportunities for high quality office, business and industrial development
  • Residential development in the form of high quality family housing
  • Creating significant amounts of public open space.

Strategically located close to the M60 and M62 motorways, Foxdenton has the capacity to provide approximately half of Oldham’s employment land need, in a suitable and accessible location.

Specific objectives include the creation of a 30 hectare quality business park and development of up to 1 million sq ft of new industrial and business floor space which will result in 3,332 new jobs and 1,073 construction jobs also being created.


The site was brought forward in the Local Development Framework, adopted as Council policy in November 2011 for employment uses. Foxdenton LLP, a joint venture between Grasscroft Property and Seddon, has developed a masterplan for the site and submitted a planning application based on this in July 2013.

The masterplan is derived from the unique context of Chadderton and the unique attributes of the site.  Special emphasis has been given to place making, complementary uses of the surrounding community and the retention of key open spaces within the site.

Pedestrian movement and public access will be encouraged. Employment uses are positioned away from existing homes around the site. Vehicular access to new homes and new employment uses are separated.


 Masterplan - View larger image


Key site on the western side of the Oldham, between Broadway A663, Foxdenton Lane, Ferney Field Road and Hunt Lane

Site size

49ha (121 acres).

The largest parcel, at 44 hectares (109 acres) is located to the east of Broadway and to the north of Foxdenton Lane. The second parcel is 5 hectares (13 acres) and is located to the south of Foxdenton Lane.

Foxdenton Employment Area site map

Site condition

This predominantly greenfield site has been subject to some tipping and a former railway line bisects the site.

Key ownerships

Foxdenton LLP has options on a substantial proportion of the site. Oldham Council has some ownership along the Broadway frontage.

Foxdenton Employment Area arial view


Creation of a strategically located high quality business park on the only large predominantly greenfield site available within the borough. Forming part of Oldham’s “M60 Arc of Opportunity” the site will attract new business investment to Greater Manchester by providing appropriate high quality premises that is exceptionally well served by sustainable modes of transport.


The site is designated for employment uses and Oldham Council is seeking predominantly B1 and B2 uses. Some B8 use may be permissible. The planning policy recognises that the site infrastructure works may require some pump priming and up to 25% of the site could be developed for residential uses subject to that need being demonstrated via a viability study.

Regeneration aims and objectives

The Foxdenton Employment Area is an attractive and accessible location on Broadway within one mile of the M60 Junction 20 and two miles of the M62 Junction 20. The creation of a high quality business park creating in excess of 3,000 jobs. The scheme to include some residential development which will contribute to Oldham Council’s aspirations to create a wider offer of housing opportunities.

Project objectives

Specific project objectives include:

  • Creation of a 30 hectare quality business park
  • Development of 1 million sq ft of new industrial and business floor space
  • 3,332 new FTE jobs created
  • 1,073 construction jobs created
  • Development of up to 380 residential units
  • Reclamation of 11 hectares of derelict land

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