New bins and containers

Grey bins (general rubbish) 

New/replacement bins

To request a new or replacement container contact the Waste Management Team.  

  • 240 litre grey bin - £30
  • 240 litre refurb grey bin* - £18
  • 140 litre grey bin - £27
  • 140 litre refurb grey bin* - £14

*Cleaned and refurbished used bins may be available - please ask when ordering.

Payment can be made over the phone using a credit or debit card.

Additional refuse bins

All households in Oldham are entitled to one refuse bin.

You might be allowed an additional bin depending on the number of people in your household and any medical factors that affect the amount of rubbish you produce.

  • You must be using all recycling containers correctly in order to qualify
  • A bin audit may be conducted as part of the assessment process
  • If you meet the criteria, additional bins are free
  • Additional bins are usually the 140 litre (slimline) bin

Unauthorised additional refuse bins will be removed from households unless they go through the application process.

To apply for an additional bin, complete the application form:

Recycling containers (blue, green & brown)

Wheeled bins are available for paper and card recycling (blue bin), glass, cans, jars and plastic bottles (brown bin), food and garden waste (green bin) all free of charge.

No-blo bags for paper/card recycling and black boxes instead of brown bins are also available on request.

Food caddies come in 2 sizes:

  • Small kitchen caddy for internal use
  • Large outside caddy for recycling collection

Request a container

Complete the online form and a member of the Waste Management Team will contact you.

Moving house

When moving house all bins, both recycling and refuse must be left at your previous property.  They must not be moved to your new property.

Waste Management
Moorhey Street Depot
Moorhey Street
Oldham, OL4 1JF
Tel 0161 770 6644