Need help managing your rubbish?

If you regularly find that you have too much rubbish for your grey bin, there are lots of things you can do.

Check you are putting things in the right bin. Here are the top things that people put in their grey bin that could actually be recycled:
  • Unopened out of date food? The food can go in your food caddy and the container in the right recycling bin (e.g. cans in brown bin, paper packaging in blue bin)
  • Leftover takeaway rubbish? Food should all go into your food caddy and foil containers in the brown bin
  • Plate leftovers and fruit or vegetable peelings? Can all go in your food caddy
  • Aerosols? Should go in your brown bin
  • Tin foil and foil food trays? Go in your brown bin
  • Plastic bottles? Plastic bottles of any type e.g. shampoo, bleach, kitchen or bathroom cleaners can all go in your brown bin
  • Cartons e.g. juice cartons (tetra packs) are cardboard and should all go in blue bin
  • Cardboard boxes e.g. egg boxes, cereal boxes? Go in your blue bin
  • Make sure you are not putting food waste in your grey bin

Consider buying things with less packaging:

If you are recycling everything and still have too much rubbish, you may be eligible to apply for an extra grey bin: