Secondary teaching in Oldham

Oldham has 15 Secondary Schools, currently 5 have specialist status for curriculum areas ranging from Science, Sports, Arts, Technology and Languages. Many of these have become Leading Edge Schools. We are proud of our schools and their focus on excellence.

Oldham is a forward looking Children’s Services Authority which firmly believes in the importance of an exciting model of education through first hand experiences. Oldham is committed to high levels of pupil achievement and quality in the classroom. It is a multicultural town and its pupils are prepared for life in a multicultural society.

Oldham places great importance on caring and developing our teachers and there are excellent opportunities for career progression.

Oldham recognises the essential role of parents in the education of their children and has a positive policy of parental involvement in schools. Parents will be welcomed and encouraged to participate in many aspects of school life.

Oldham Council and Children’s Services

Children, Young People and Families Directorate has scored well in the Ofsted inspection, achieving 3 stars, and its Education Development Plan meets all the standards of the former Department for Education and Skills. We embrace innovation and have been very successful in our bids for funding.


We have hundreds of education projects going on in Oldham, in addition to our implementation of national strategies. A few examples are: Behaviour Improvement Project, Investment in Excellence and Investors in People Status.

Why become a secondary school teacher in Oldham?

  • Wide choice of type of school
  • Excellent induction programme
  • Stimulating and attractive classroom environments
  • High quality teaching and assessment for learning
  • Well-resourced schools
  • Opportunity to work with a culturally diverse community
  • Professional Development programme is available in your second year
  • Good promotion opportunities
  • We guarantee you our commitment to your personal development
  • Excellent track record in building new schools
  • Exciting opportunities for networking with colleagues in other schools
  • Exciting School Improvement Projects based on current educational research
  • Strong partnership links between the schools and the council
  • Opportunity to visit and observe outstanding practitioners
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Private affordable housing is available if you come to teach in Oldham
  • Oldham is committed to inclusion – meeting the needs of all its pupils
  • Stimulating School Linking Projects to promote cultural diversity with a strong and committed focus on community cohesion
  • Education Action Zone
  • New City Learning Centre with the state of the art multi media facilities

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