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Oldham has a large population made up of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, needs and abilities.

Many local people tell us they would like to receive council information in a format other than printed or spoken English. This is often because of cultural history or disability. Most do not like having to rely on friends, relatives or neighbours to tell them about the services they need.

In addition, the council has made a firm commitment through its Customer Charter to provide information to our customers in formats they want and can understand. This will help ensure that our services are fair and accessible to everyone, while gaining the trust and support of the diverse communities we serve. Accessible services to all is also at the heart of Community Cohesion Agenda.

For any organisation to be equally accessible to whole of the community, it needs to take steps that ensures equal access to services for all. This is where Oldham Language Shop comes in.

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About Oldham Language Shop

We exist to help all public, private, business and voluntary sector organisations to provide services and information in formats that meet the needs of their customers.

We aim to:

  • improve department/ organisation’s communication capability for non-English speaking clients by offering one-stop-shop for languages approach.
  • to provide creative, cost effective and timely solutions to your communication needs.

We offer:

  • Expert impartial advice on how to identify and meet the communication needs of your customers
  • Interpreters for face-to-face communication with customers who cannot speak English
  • Translation of your printed information into most languages and formats.

Our services explained


Whatever your requirements, Oldham Interpretation Translation Service can provide translation of huge range of material, for example, from correspondence, care plans, publicity posters or leaflets, school reports, transcripts of audio tapes or personal correspondence. Documents are produced in a variety of formats according to your request.

We will work with your chosen graphic design companies to make sure printed items in community languages are of a similar style and quality to their English counterparts.

Interpretation services

We provide qualified and experienced interpreters who are fluent in all languages to help with face-to-face discussions with your clients, including:

  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Communication support worker
  • Deafblind communicator
  • Finger Spelling
  • Irish Sign Language
  • Lip reader
  • Lip speaking
  • Relay interpreter
  • Sign Supported English 


We can arrange to produce your publications in braille, large print, on audio or video cassette.

Consultation and training

We can conduct an independent assessment of your organisation’s need for language and identify areas for development and enable the preparation of a language strategy. This will propose long term, cost effective solutions to bring language capabilities up to the required standards.

We can deliver a tailor-made training course to meet the needs of our client. In-house training is the most cost effective method of training a group of people. The contribution made by efficient and client-focused training is an essential component of successful training provision.


For information about charges please contact the Oldham Language Shop.

Useful documents

Accessible Information Standard

The Accessible Information Standard is there to make sure that disabled people who use adult social care services (and their carers) have access to information that they can understand and any communication support they might need.

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