Apply for citizenship

For general enquiries to the Home Office phone 0151 237 5478.

Application forms


For guidance and application forms, visit the UK Border Agency website.

Naturalisation of children under 18

For guidance on registering a child as a British citizen, visit the UK Border Agency website.

Remain in the UK as a partner

For information about remaining in the UK as a partner, visit the UK Border Agency website.

    Get help applying for citizenship

    The Oldham Register Office can help you apply for British Citizenship.

    They can:

    • Complete the form for you (fees are doubled for this service)
    • Make sure you have provided all the necessary supporting documents
    • Provide certified copies of supporting documents so you can keep the originals
    • Check you have included the correct payment
    • Send your application safely and quickly to the Home Office by special delivery post

    Contact the Register Office to make an appointment (you must book an appointment for this service).

    Application fees
    Type of application Fees 
    Adult who submits a single application £47
    Husband and wife living together who apply at the same time £67
    Husband and wife and up to 2 children £80
    Additional children on parents application £25.00 per child (e.g. husband, wife and 4 children total payable £127.00)
    One or more children under the age of 18 who apply separately from their parents £25.00 per child

    Home Office fees

    The fees in the table above are additional to the fee you pay to the Home Office.

    Oldham Register Office
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